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This video is a star example of how a company can leverage their customers’ good-will for the products and services they provide. When you have the mind to grow positive relationships with clients that go beyond the simple business transaction, you gain access to future positive opportunities with them.



In the end, business like this is just people helping people. Friends working with friends. A noticeable story that was not focused on in the video, is Keith’s shoulder brace and how it helped him make the U.S. Paralympic Archery Team. Fabtech’s passion for the work that they do led them to custom design a shoulder brace system for Keith that allows him to shoot arrows without having to use the left side of his body. In the video, Keith says that Fabtech “…kept me in the sport. They gave me the opportunity to chase an Olympic dream…to make the U.S Paralympic archery team. And thank you just isn’t enough. Keith was more than willing to do this testimonial piece and had nothing but excellent things to say about Fabtech and the people that make up their company. This testimonial is now such a powerful tool for Fabtech.

You have customer stories right now that are waiting to be unlocked. Which clients or customers have you gone the extra mile for? People are more willing to help promote their favorite businesses than you think.