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In the prosthetics industry, an extremely high amount of trust is needed between patient and practitioner. Being fitted for a prosthetic is not just a one time visit type of thing. A patient will need to spend a lot of time with Cornerstone in order to get them their lives back.

That’s why when someone is searching for the right clinic, they aren’t taking it lightly and they are going to first contact the place they feel they can trust the most.

Most often that first point of contact comes from your website, and it is most likely the only chance you get to convince them to call you over everyone else.

Our aim was to give Cornerstone a video for their website that would be informative, engaging, beautiful, and build enough trust for the viewer to take action. Do you think it worked?

Jim’s testimonial is on the front page of Cornerstone’s website right now and consistently gets high praise from patients. When the lifetime value of a single customer could be thousands and thousands of dollars, a single video that makes you stand out from your competition could be the difference over and over again between them calling you or not. Want to make a testimonial video of your own? Email us today at