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Mike has done a lot of things people never thought he would.

Just by being alive today he has defied the doctor who had told him to, “Say goodbye to your family because you probably won’t last through the night”.

Mike knows that a fulfilling life is not defined by what you are, but by who you are. It is determined by the way you think about yourself; Whether you feel trapped or free.

Many in his situation may have stopped life completely. They may have listened to the doctor who told them they would die and that would have been the end of it.

But Mike is not that sort of person. He has made his life worth living a thousand times over. With two prosthetic legs, he has learned to walk wherever he wants, even up and down ramps. He can drive a stick shift vehicle, mow the lawn, and chase around his grand kids.

Mike’s road to physical autonomy was helped largely in part by Cornerstone Prosthetics and Orthotics. They have been with Mike since the beginning to help him transition and thrive in life as an amputee. Their relationship together is a strong one as you will hear in the video. It is people like this, and these types positive relationships between businesses and people, that inspire us to tell the stories that we do. Please watch below.


Technical Details of the Shoot:

  • Location: Mike’s house near Everett.
  • Weather conditions: Partly cloudy to sunny.
  • Gear:
    • For the interview portion, we used two Sony a7s cameras, a lavaliere microphone, and lights.
    • For the B-roll shots, we used a Pilot Fly H2 gimbal to stabilize
  • Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro