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The Arsenal

The Arsenal

Having the highest quality cameras does not mean you will have the highest quality videos. Overall, it’s the person behind the camera, not the camera itself, that makes great shots. However, when it comes to image quality, better cameras will give you a better image. Of course, there are specific situations that this is not the case, so when buying camera gear, it is important that you do some research and find out what is going to be best for you and your needs. Here, we will highlight some of the gear we use and why we choose to use it. Hopefully this will aid you in your search for the right gear.


Sony a7s


When searching the vast market that is camera equipment, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are just so many specifications to keep in mind to make sure you are buying the best camera that suits your needs. So, before you make a decision you have to determine what is most important to you in a camera. For us, we came up with a quick guide of three specs to help us narrow down our search.

  • It had to be mirrorless
  • Have a full frame sensor
  • Be small enough for us to carry around easily.

Having a mirrorless camera body basically means that it has no mirror as opposed to a DSLR’s, which does. This allows it to be much more compact and portable. Plus, full frame mirrorless camera’s allow you to mount virtually any type of lens on it like Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc. because of the short flange distance from lens to sensor. So all you need is the right adapter to get any lens to its needed distance from the sensor so that you get full range of infinity to minimum focus distance.

The sensor determines the quality of resolution, low light performance, and dynamic range. At the time, the a7s nailed all of these specs so we decided it was going to be the best fit.

We love doing time lapse photography and many times find ourselves in dark shooting situations, so the low light capability was a big selling point. Watch some of the great astro time lapses we have been able to take with the a7s in this video below.



Overall, we are very impressed with Sony’s camera game right now and will probably stick with them in the future. But, like many of us know, technology changes all the time so its best to try and stay updated and find out what will be the best buy for you.


Canon 80D

The main attraction of this camera, to us, is the auto focus. It is really fast and incredibly smooth making it easy to switch between subjects without having to worry about where the focus is at. This camera has been a great tool for our vlogging because not only is the auto focus great but it also has an LCD monitor that flips around so you can see yourself while shooting.

Another aspect of this camera worth noting is the fact that it has a built in time lapse mode making it easy to shoot and compile time lapses on the go.

We wish it was a little bit smaller, but the body on this is super durable and water resistant, which really comes in handy living in Washington.

Overall, this is a great camera for beginners or enthusiasts because it maintains high resolution and has a lot of cool features.


DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This is the second drone we ever bought and is a total work horse for us and is one of the best drones on the market. One of the main attractions to this piece of equipment was the picture quality of the drone. It shoots an impressive 4k at 60 fps, not bad for a drone. This drone is also pretty durable, we have crashed it a handful of times and it still works fine. The drone flies great but it only weighs 3 pounds so be weary of high winds.

The only disappointing thing about this drone is the app that you use with it. Sometimes it is laggy or doesn’t want to connect. So its a battle at times, but overall, pretty good. The drone is a good size, we made a nice carrying case for ours but we have also jammed it into a backpack before, wouldn’t recommend the backpack.




Now I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the Mavic is much smaller than the Phantom, which is the exact reason why we decided to buy it.

Not only is the Mavic small enough to fit inside a small hand bag or back pack, the image it produces is comparable to that of the Phantom.

The picture on the Mavic is a little softer and doesn’t look as crisp as the Phantom, but for how small it is, the picture is excellent. Another great aspect of the Mavic is that it folds up into itself. As you can see in the picture above of the Phantom it does not fold at all and you actually have to take the propellers on and off every time you use it. This drone flies great and is super steady even in high wind situations. Highly recommend.

The gear you buy is very important but it isn’t everything. The main objective is to tell a great story, whether that be through video, photos, music, drawing, or whatever your medium is.

At Endless, we specialize in telling stories that makes your message hit home, and we use top of the line gear to make you look, sound, and feel amazing. So give us a call with any gear, video, or video project questions you may have, we’re here to work with passionate creators and businesses that need to be heard.

From Wounded War Veteran to U.S. Paralympic Archer

From Wounded War Veteran to U.S. Paralympic Archer


This video is a star example of how a company can leverage their customers’ good-will for the products and services they provide. When you have the mind to grow positive relationships with clients that go beyond the simple business transaction, you gain access to future positive opportunities with them.



In the end, business like this is just people helping people. Friends working with friends. A noticeable story that was not focused on in the video, is Keith’s shoulder brace and how it helped him make the U.S. Paralympic Archery Team. Fabtech’s passion for the work that they do led them to custom design a shoulder brace system for Keith that allows him to shoot arrows without having to use the left side of his body. In the video, Keith says that Fabtech “…kept me in the sport. They gave me the opportunity to chase an Olympic dream…to make the U.S Paralympic archery team. And thank you just isn’t enough. Keith was more than willing to do this testimonial piece and had nothing but excellent things to say about Fabtech and the people that make up their company. This testimonial is now such a powerful tool for Fabtech.

You have customer stories right now that are waiting to be unlocked. Which clients or customers have you gone the extra mile for? People are more willing to help promote their favorite businesses than you think.

The Right Way to Use Music For Videos

Having the correct music is a major aspect of creating a captivating emotionally charged video. Typically in a feature length film, the music alone can carry the entire story. A properly selected song will be the backbone of how you sequence your edit. However, just selecting a song does not give you permission to use it. You MUST obtain permission to use the song. Otherwise, you could be liable for copyright infringement which some parties do not take lightly. Licensing music is a very profitable and complicated industry. Having a solid understanding of how it works will help you navigate safely in this realm.


So how do I get permission to use a song while also protecting myself? You need 2 things: a “master use license” and a “synchronization license”. You MUST obtain BOTH licenses to have full legal protection to use a song in a video.

Synchronization License: This gives you permission from the original artist to take their “work” and synchronize it to video elements. By synchronizing these elements you are changing the emotion and mood of how the song is comprehended by the listener. Therefore it is legally imperative that you get permission to change how the song is interpreted by asking for a synchronization license.

Master License: A master is the final mix of a song, the physical Wave or MP3 file you will be using in your editing program. Typically, an artist has no control over the licensing of the “Master”, their publisher owns the rights. Sometimes the artist has control of both the master and the sync, in this case you need a “combined synchronization and master use license”. You can google the previous quote and find templates to use.


There is an entire industry dedicated to music licensing. Type in “Music Licensing” into google and you will find a plethora of options. The best ones seem to be Premium Beat, Audio Jungle, Music Bed and Song Freedom. What these sites do is sell a one-time use license anywhere from $10-$200 even for commercial uses. These songs have master/sync license cleared and ready for use. These services are a fast and convenient way to get started editing quickly. An audible watermark is overlayed onto the song. This gives you the option to test the song before you commit to purchasing the license.


These licensing houses are great, but what if you just really want to use Elton John in your edit how would you do that? We mentioned earlier you need a Master License from the publisher.  How do I find who the publisher is for a particular song? Typically, if they have a label they are associated with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) on their site you can search who controls the rights to any song by using the handy search.

This site will break down what percentage the artist owns and the contact information of the publisher. As you can see the song 1965 by Elton John was also written by Bernie Taupin. Therefore, you need to get a synchronization license from both of them. All the licensing business will be negotiated by the publisher which is why they display the contact information for you. This is assuming that the artist will even agree in the first place. The beastie Boys, for instance, require that their songs never be used in commercials.


Creative Commons is an attempt at fixing the complexities of copyright and licensing with an emphasis on creation and sharing. Creative Commons at its core gives full reproducibility of any “work”. However, there are some extra terms to the Creative Commons licensing scheme to understand and be aware of. The basic Creative Commons has two parts. First, you can adapt a remix and share the “work”. Second, you must give attribution to the artist as well as provide a link to the license. You must read the specifics of each license to know the limitations. Creative Commons International License 4.0:

Creative Commons



Share Alike

Sometimes you will see the symbol share alike. This means that you must release whatever “work” is adapted or created from it must also share the same license or similar license. Our YouTube channel mostly has Creative Commons. Below we have compiled a list of all of our favorite creative commons songs that we use. You are welcome to use these songs to help get you started. Now get out there and start shooting and editing! Follow Endless Film Production on SoundCloud for more playlists we will curate in the future. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and tune into our adventures on our YouTube channel.



A Powerful Testimonial Video Example

A Powerful Testimonial Video Example


In the prosthetics industry, an extremely high amount of trust is needed between patient and practitioner. Being fitted for a prosthetic is not just a one time visit type of thing. A patient will need to spend a lot of time with Cornerstone in order to get them their lives back.

That’s why when someone is searching for the right clinic, they aren’t taking it lightly and they are going to first contact the place they feel they can trust the most.

Most often that first point of contact comes from your website, and it is most likely the only chance you get to convince them to call you over everyone else.

Our aim was to give Cornerstone a video for their website that would be informative, engaging, beautiful, and build enough trust for the viewer to take action. Do you think it worked?

Jim’s testimonial is on the front page of Cornerstone’s website right now and consistently gets high praise from patients. When the lifetime value of a single customer could be thousands and thousands of dollars, a single video that makes you stand out from your competition could be the difference over and over again between them calling you or not. Want to make a testimonial video of your own? Email us today at