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Driving Stick Shift with a Bionic Hand

Mike has done a lot of things people never thought he would. Just by being alive today he has defied the doctor who had told him to, "Say goodbye to your family because you probably won't last through the night". Mike knows that a fulfilling life is not defined by...

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Randy Gets His Life Back

It's a very surreal, interesting, and comforting experience doing video work in the prosthetics industry. Those are a few adjectives you may not have expected to hear, but the truth is, the people we have met through Cornerstone Prosthetics and Orthotics are some of...

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The Arsenal

Having the highest quality cameras does not mean you will have the highest quality videos. Overall, it's the person behind the camera, not the camera itself, that makes great shots. However, when it comes to image quality, better cameras will give you a better image....

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The Right Way to Use Music For Videos

Having the correct music is a major aspect of creating a captivating emotionally charged video. Typically in a feature length film, the music alone can carry the entire story. A properly selected song will be the backbone of how you sequence your edit. However, just...

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A Powerful Testimonial Video Example

In the prosthetics industry, an extremely high amount of trust is needed between patient and practitioner. Being fitted for a prosthetic is not just a one time visit type of thing. A patient will need to spend a lot of time with Cornerstone in order to get them their...

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