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Mike and the i-Limb hand

Cornerstone Prosthetics & Orthotics


How can we help our client grow?

Cornerstone wanted a series of videos that would highlight some of their unique patients, the prosthetics they use, and their experiences with Cornerstone.


How to best tell the story of Cornerstone

The Solution

TESTIMONIAL STYLE VIDEOS We met Mike, a triple amputee, at his beautiful home in Granite Falls to film an interview and b-roll. The plan was to film the story of Mike’s relationship with Cornerstone, the types of prosthetics he uses, and how he uses them.

The Results

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS Cornerstone was extremely happy with this video. They loved how we were able to explain the technology of their product through an uplifting story. They have asked us to make many more for them since.


"Cole, RC, and Tyler are passionate and committed to their work as these amazing stories have touched the hearts of audiences worldwide."

Robert & Alice Stride, Cornerstone Prosthetics & Orthotics

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A Higher Purpose

Oleum Extracts


The Best Sit with the Best.

Oleum Extracts serves top shelf cannabis concentrate products that are revered as some of the best tasting, and best hitting available. They approached us with a need to create consistently higher quality video content that would tantalize, entice, and prove this to their followers.


Show Them What We’ve Got

The Solution

When it comes to promoting cannabis products, it’s all about THE PRODUCT. Being occasional users ourselves, we know that high quality imagery is what makes us dreamy for dabs. But we needed to do more for Oleum than just give them better content...No one believes you’re the best if you don’t have the best content, and we knew that’s what we had to deliver.

The Results

OLEUM GOES MACRO. We created videos that showed Oleum products in stunning detail with a modern, upbeat editing style and mood. Our most impressive and impactful shots came from mounting a camera to a CNC machine, enabling us to stack multiple high res images and produce detail that is unheard of by nearly all content creators today. We now provide cannabis imagery (or any detailed imagery) that can only be created by us and a few others in the industry.

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14842 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, WA 98116 +1 425 495 4459


our team


Cole Cramer

CEO, Lead Engineer

RC Clark

President, Marketing

Tyler Whitmire

Vice President, Chief Editor